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What's up with men hating cats?

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I am SO MAD! I just had to go and report someone to the moderator on my dog forum that I belong to. I hate being a snitch, but this guy was really pissing me off.
I was reading a quite intense thread on the dog forum ( a few people were arguing back and forth about weather it was okay to let a puppy stay outside or not ) when I noticed that this guy's quote at the end of his message was very rude. It said : "Missing your cat? Check under my tires!"
I was outraged when I saw this. I complained about the quote to the moderator and it must of worked because the very next day I saw the his quote now read : "There sure are some nit-picky cry-babbies around here"
So I just posted back..."To whom it may concern...I'm laughing not crying."
Then I went and posted "Why do men think that it's so macho of them to hate cats?" And he replied that he's seen all sorts of animals get hit not jsut cats and that he saw it on the back of a bumper sticker and thought it was funny. Then someone else posted back that people were over reacting to the quote and he didn't like cat either.
ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG! What the **** is wrong with people? Why on earth would you belong to an animals lovers web site and post somethimg like that? What a red neck. (I saw pics of him in his album) Why would anyone hate cats? People are so weird.
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I'm a male, and I love cats to death. (obviously)

I occasionally catch myself explaining to my guy friends that I'm just as much of a dog lover as I am a cat lover.. the only reason I don't have a dog right now is because I live in an apartment. I don't have a dog because a) landlord says no and b) I believe they deserve a yard to run around in. (this is all true but...)

Whenever I have a friend over for the first time, my cats are so excited to climb all over and hang out with the new person that any decent human can't leave my place and still say that they "hate" cats, lol.

I'm going to have to agree with red_kittycat, the majority of people, men or women, that "hate" cats either never knew one or had one bad experience.
you know this topic reminds me of a similar one.

you ladies should enjoy it.
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