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My older cats all have lost teeth to resorption. A couple of them only have a few teeth left, and the others will probably get to that point within the next few years. Tooth resorption, in my experience, is a common occurrence in cats. I even had a 6 mo old kitten resorb one of his adult teeth within a month of it coming in! If that's what's going on with your cat, it's unlikely that Banfield had anything to do with it or that you'll get them to pay you anything for your cat's tooth losses.

Most of my cats' tooth losses happened without my even knowing about it. Occasionally, however, a root will become infected before it's resorbed, which will require veterinary extraction.

My mostly toothless cats can still eat kibble, if it's small enough to swallow whole, and even a raw meat diet, which I cut into bite-sized pieces for them. They certainly don't need to eat mush, though mush (canned food mixed with water) is a much healthier diet option than kibble.

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