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When does it end!?

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My poor poor baby girl kitten has been through a bad month.

What was thought to be a severe URI turned into being a large mass that started in her nose and went down to the bottom of her trachea. When they pulled it out they said her entire throat was lodged with snot, goo and old food.

She was pretty much on death's door and has been struggling to breath since she was born 14 weeks ago.

Finally yesterday I picked her up from the vet. She seems MUCH better.
The vet said I could introduce her to my 2 cats (4 and 6) who have been smelling her through a door for the last 4 weeks.

I let them meet and everything is going well. She is eating great, getting along with my middle cat and playing like crazy.

Well this morning my eldest cat who's having a harder time adjusting smacked the kitten on her head. My eldest cat is not a mean cat what so ever and never does things like this. It was a small tap.

Well since this has happened my kitten's one eye is screwed up. Her third eye lid is sticking out in the corner of her eye. It's not going away when she blinks. It's there all the time since this happened (an hour ago)

looks like this: her's is out a little more

My 2nd cat had third eyelids when she was a kitten but we only saw them when she blinked and it went away after awhile.

Honestly this is the last thing this poor cat needs. What should I do? I tried cleaning it and it's not bothering her but SERIOUSLY!

I just broke down crying. I can't even possibly think of another pet bill. I got the kitten for free and we have spent close to $1200 in the short 4 weeks we've had her. Everyone around me makes me feel so stupid for spending it on her.
They ask me like "WHY? on earth would you spend that!?"... feeling kind of stupid already and oh hey great look her eye is now screwed up and we really hope we don't have to bring her in.

What do I do? I just want her to feel better. Now this eye issue on top of everything. Hellllllp or advice please :patback
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I'm so sorry you're going through this, Leesah. :(

While I can't offer advice on your cat's eye, I just wanted to say regarding your friends' judging you on what you spend... once they start paying your salary/rent/credit cards/etc.... then they could start telling you how to spend your own money.

My thoughts are: as long as you and your family aren't doing without (shelter, food, clothing) then how you spend your money is your business.

Have you looked into pet insurance? While I know it's a debated subject on this forum, it may be something into which you at least check...and then make the decision yourself.

Things will work out... stay strong! :patback
Call your vet and explain what happened with your older cat, the head slap, and your kitten's apparent eye irritation. Hopefully, now that you've established a working relationship with the vet and the vet has already seen your baby so recently, (s)he will be willing to sell you a tube of eye antibiotic without seeing the kitten again. It's certainly worth a phone call to ask.

My cat had a URI as a kitten. Her third eye still swells up sometimes, it was so swollen once in September it was almost completely shut. And it was a bit red too.

The vet told us that this might just happen to her sometimes when she is stressed... and it could be due to the URI she had as a kitten. The URI is often like the herpes virus in humans. It doesn't leave the body... it stays latent and can flare up in times of stress. He said the eye thing isn't serious.

He gave us an ointment to put in her eye, and told us we could put lysine in her food, which helps with the virus. He also said it might resolve on its own and we don't have to take her in right away in the future. And once in a while, it still looks a bit swollen, but it goes away.

I think it is best to take her to the vet or at least call the vet, because it could be something else. But if it is what my cat has... don't worry :)
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Yes! I'd call the vet for guidance.
It could be just a symptom of URI, or injury to the eye caused by a scratch. If it's the second, it could either heal by itself or lead into an ulcer, so it is a good idea to teat that eye with antibiotics.

Hang in there, it will be ok! three of my cats were rescues and survived to nasty URIs, eye ulcers... lysine in her food is a great idea too.
Thanks for all the advice!

She has been on Lysine for 10 days now. She's still on anti inflammatory med and is on a 3rd anti biotic for the next 2 weeks

I was kind of hoping all those things combined would also help with her eye. Since it seems to say anti biotic is usually used to treat it.

I really hope I don't have to take her back in. I'm going to monitor it for today and see how it goes :(
Stay strong, I've had a couplr rescues that went through **** their first couple of months too. As for your friends....ask them if it would be stupid if they spent the money on a human child. If you rescue a kitten you become their parent. A true friend does not judge,they stand behind you even when you make a bad decision.They are there to help pick up the pieces & they will roll up their sleves & help with the dirty work when needed.I have taken alot of criticism over the years because I rescue animals & adopt them out for free. I also tell them that if they decide they made a wrong decision or cant handle it bring the animal back to me, & I will not judge. Animals are like children none of tyem are asked to be brought into this world & irrisponsible parents is why they end up on the streets. As for your kitten it sounds as if her eyelid may be irritated due to the smack or everything else she has went through. My momoe had this problem & a simple eye drop(prescription from the vet of course)to the eye cleared this up. In past years I had alwqys thought of pet insurance as a waste of money but I have two cats that have had problem after problem & it has been a lifesaver. Even though I still work at a vets office the bills can still pile up when you have as many babies as I do.
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You might put in some saline drops. Usually these scratches are minor and heal up in a few days, but if it is worsening you should make the vet trip for some antibiotic ointment.
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