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When is the right time to get my cat spayed

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aright vienna my cat, had a litter of kittens who are now 7 weeks old....

i have 2 questions...

1) When is the soonest she can be spayed?

2) i read in a book that after cats have had a litter at about 5/6 weeks they come into season again, i havent seen her come into season yet and this is week 7, yes she has had just a few sucsessful escape attempts, but when she has its never been far, plus ive been watching her and she hasnt acted like she is in season, plus we havent had every tom cat in the district hanging around like last time. Is it posible i missed it? or she just hasnt come into season? if not should she have? and is it bad if she hasnt? or if its not yet when is it?

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As soon as she starts to wean the kittens, get her spayed. You'll know, because she'll lie on her tummy when the kittens try to nurse. Of course you can't allow her outside or near a male, because according to the CFA, there's a remote possibility that a mother cat with kittens four days old can get pregnant.
The CFA site on reproduction in no longer there. They want people to buy the disk. Here is another source, and I will do a bit more searching. Some questions however, especially if there's an unusual situation, will require a vet's answer. Regardless of whether you think she's in season or not, any possibility of her getting out is very risky.

It is not unusual for cats to come into heat about 4 weeks after kittens
are born. A few cats will have an estrus period, in which they may become
pregnant if bred, at about 7 to 10 days after kittens are born. Most cats
will actually have suppression of estrus during the period they are
producing milk for the kittens and then come into heat a couple of weeks
after the kittens are weaned. So it is possible for a cat to have kittens
within 2.5 to 3 months after their last litter of kittens is born, but it
is unusual.

It might be unusual, but my female came into heat twice while nursing kittens.

Here's a good link for you:
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But I found that to be incorrect, in the case of my female. She came in heat while nursing. Don't take the chance, please.
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