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Where do you feed your cats?

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I know I've seen a thread regarding this before, just can't find it now.

I currently feed my "at large" cats in the kitchen in dishes on the floor. I ama really tired of the kitchen looking so cluttered up. My kitchen table has two shelves on one side (like an island I guess) and I had hoped to feed them there- but, they don't like the "enclosed" feeling.
I am thinking about moving their feeding station to a spot in the basement. I have a nice long bench I'm thinking I could use. Also have a storage cabinet I can use for the food supplies.
It also would ensure that I get to the basement twice daily to scoop the litter boxes (in the laundry room in the basement). I have a tendency to not clean as often as I should.
I have three of my own cats, and usually have one or two fosters "at large". (I have an isolation room for newbies until they are healthy enough and social enough to mingle- they get fed in there)

So- where do you feed your cat/s? do you have a cool feeding station set up?
Ideas and pics- all welcome :)
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MowMow eats on the bar section of the counter.

Book eats on the bathroom floor.
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We feed Blacky in a fairly unused room. The room is one big waste of space, I only go in it when I'm walking through to the garage - another large room filled with junk, never has been used for cars - and then through to the backyard.

There's an old pool table in the room so we feed her on it, it's also were we keep most of the food since it's such a large table. The reason we originally fed her there was that she was a feral and afraid of the indoors, we opened up the cat door and she learned to come inside that one quiet room to eat. No way she would've walked around the house looking for food, and it just stuck that way.

Now there's a feral coming in the room through the cat door late at night, but we don't really want to move her feeding location to other parts of the house.

I wouldn't feed cats in the kitchen, it's already cluttered with one to three dog dishes on the floor at a time and I'd rather cats just stay out of the room as much as possible. Blacky shows no interest in the kitchen, even when we're eating chicken, pork, beef... she never goes in there unless she's headed straight through onto the sundeck, I'd rather not have her suddenly start begging or jumping on counters, especially since there isn't a lot of counter space in there.
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Mine eat in the kitchen or one of the 3 kitten rooms or the wide hallway
Io eats under the window by her cat house. It's technically a "dining area" but the house is so small it's the exercise bike / K-cup and board game storage / bread maker area.
Zinny only goes in the kitchen to hide behind the fridge or dishwasher (I'm not actually sure which one she uses) to hide when guests are visiting.

The feeding station is at the base of my toy shelf. The kibble feeder is no longer there, and now there's 4 bowls for food. I am feeding canned and raw now, hopefully going to only raw by the end of next month!

I have read a lot of things about plastic water bowls giving acne on cat's chins. While I haven't seen any on my cats, still not sure I want plastic (their food bowls are glazed ceramic). So, after I switch the floors from carpet to tile, then I'm going to save up to get one of these water fountains!
Hand-made Ceramic Art Pet Drinking Fountains - elegant and functional
I want to custom design one, and have it battery operated, so it'll cost about $200.
The reason I want battery, is because when my dad passes, I am seriously thinking about buying travel trailer and living in that. I just can't stand the thought of having neighbors all around me in an apartment! Besides, trailer lots are a LOT cheaper in rent than a whole apartment, and by then it'll most likely just be me, Zinny and Nebbie.
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We feed Io with our normal dishes (washed every night with the rest). Is that weird? :s
Nope. The dishes I'm currently using are little dessert plates I bought at a thrift store. They are ceramic and painted with blue and yellow flowers. Luckily the set was exactly 4 dishes! If they had 6, would'a bought those too, just in case of another breaking.
They get put in the dishwasher at the end of the night, and taken out for breakfast.
Charlee eats in the kitchen, Cleo eats on her plush rug on the washroom (has for years), and Cali eats under the long counter in the bathroom in my new place (so I can close the door and keep the other two Hoovers away until she finishes).

As soon as I put Charlee's bowl down in the kitchen, Cleo runs and jumps on her rug and Cali runs into the bathroom and air-meows until I bring her food in.
My cats take turns going into either the kitchen or bathroom. Both rooms have ceramic tiled floors. They just love to drag their raw food on the
mine eat on the kitchen floor. I can't bring myself to wash their bowls with ours though. I just don't know how hygenic that is lol. So i pile their dishes up and give it all a good go when the sink is empty of our dishes, then i disinfect the sink....Maybe that's a bit OCD, but when you think where our cats mouths/tongues have been.... 8O lol. :eek:rcat

On another note, raw food is often a mess. I often have to scrub around their mats regardless of the food type though. Dried wet food on tiled floor is a ******.
Mine eat in front of the fire place. We don't use it because we are in an apartment and it worries me that it has not been properly maintained ( oh and I am in Georgia and its already in the 90s here so we only have a few opportunities to use it each year anyways). So it never gets used, but they seem to like the tile there so thats where they eat.
Litterbox is in the oh so convenient vanity space in my bathroom. When Winston first came home i also had a box and food in the laundry room, just for him. BOth were completely ignored so they went away.
Mine eat on the counter in the kitchen. I'm sure some people think that's gross, but I rarely cook and I wipe the counters before and after. The primary reason for their eating arrangement is that I have two dogs as well as the two cats, and the dogs get into the leftovers if the dishes are on the floor. I used to feed them upstairs where I could just close the dogs out, but I found that Tiger Lily was not leaving my sons room at all, so food was a way to coax her down and get her to socialize more.
We feed Io with our normal dishes (washed every night with the rest). Is that weird? :s
to me yes lol

Mine have their own dishes/plates and they're washed separately with a separate dish cloth too.
We feed our cats on the kitchen floor, so we can easily wipe down any raw food they drag out of their plates. And we wash their dishes with our dishes.
I've never even thought about washing their dishes separately. It's all just food.
I used to have a three section red/yellow bowl that was probably some kind of chip server at one time. When they were little I fed them out of that but Kermit became such a glutton that the other two would sit back and watch him gobble their we switched to separate dishes. that bowl now hangs from a tree as a bird/butterfly waterer.

Now, I use two small pet bowls for Kermit and Marble in the kitchen...they eat from them and then Kermit goes to hers and licks it clean...I mean he would lick the label off of a cat food can if I let him. In the kitchen is a dry food cat dish if they want that as a snack.

Eliza eats out of her own dish upstairs in a room where she spends most of her time. She is 18 now and doesn't roam as much, just keeps wife company up there. Wife is COPD and doesn't roam much anymore either....and I bring our meals up there twice a day and we eat on tv trays on the bed....Kermit sits on the bed and waits for a handout which he gets cause he is a polite beggar.

One ice creme bucket full of water is the watering hole tho I keep one on the back porch too so they have water out there when they sit out there. A liter box is out there also.
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Murphy's food is on the kitchen floor on a little raised tray that my husband made that's wide enough for 3 dishes -- wet, dry, and water. Murphy makes sure that the dry is covered with his toys so it doesn't .... what, get taken by predators? This is ant season, and they always make a beeline (can ants make a beeline?) to his food. To ward them off I created little moats around each leg of the raised tray. Each moat is a small food dish with a shot glass in it, so the leg of the tray doesn't get wet. Amazing what crazy things we do for our kitties.

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to me yes lol

Mine have their own dishes/plates and they're washed separately with a separate dish cloth too.
So you don't use any kind of soap then?

Peggy eats in the kitchen and her bowls go in with ours. Same cloths get used, same everything.
Mine eat in our dining room. I wash their dishes with only hot water (no cloth no detergent) immediately after they finish.
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