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Who will take care of my cat?

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Hi all,

Newbie here, with a question that many have probably heard over and over again. I've had my cat now for about 1.5 years, got him when he was a kitten. My family and I are planning a week vacation, but can't find any available family members or friends to watch him while we are gone. I've been considering taking him to a kennel, but the idea of him confined to a small cage for a week frightens me. Any one has any opinions about Kennels or private cat care places? I don't want to leave him by himself in the house. Would my cat be depressed when I came back after being couped up in a small cage? Please help with advice. Thanks.

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Oh no not a cage :cry: Oh boy I wish I lived by you I would help in a heartbeat! I had this dilemma a couple weeks ago. I just couldn't do the cage, they were adopted from a caged shelter life. We had friends of ours stay in our home to care for them. I wasn't quite sure what to do. if Should I have someone stay in our home or come in twice a day to feed and clean their litterboxes. I made the wrong choice, my cats freaked with our friends and hid for three days til we came back. They did sneak out to eat and use the litterbox (that I am so thankful for) but my very social and personable cats became very confused and scared about their new caregivers. Next time I will know better to leave them in their own environment with all that is familiar and part of their comfort zone and have someone attend to their needs twice a day, NOT stay. They will miss us and we them but at least they won't be freaking out to us gone AND who the heck are these people! 8O "Hey what did you do with the people that live here!" 8O
Let us know how things work out for you, it's soooooo tough to know what to do. Me, I'm always thankful to stay home but I know sometimes you have no choice. Praying it all works out wonderfully :)
Oh Yah, And a BIG, FAT Welcome to you from your friends here at the Forum! :D :D :D
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