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Who will take care of my cat?

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Hi all,

Newbie here, with a question that many have probably heard over and over again. I've had my cat now for about 1.5 years, got him when he was a kitten. My family and I are planning a week vacation, but can't find any available family members or friends to watch him while we are gone. I've been considering taking him to a kennel, but the idea of him confined to a small cage for a week frightens me. Any one has any opinions about Kennels or private cat care places? I don't want to leave him by himself in the house. Would my cat be depressed when I came back after being couped up in a small cage? Please help with advice. Thanks.

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Some excellent tips here. Definitely call all the vets and vet hospitals around you to find out if they have techs who house-sit. then post up signs around your building for somebody to come and feed your cat twice a day, but i'd be nervous about a stranger in my house :?

When i worked in one of my past companies, our boss left for vacation and asked the secretary to come in once a day to feed and care for the cat. After a week, he came back thanking her and brought her a lovely present. So.. maybe you can ask around at work?

good luck :p
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