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Dog vs cats

I wanted to respond to your message because I used to be a volunteer at the local shelter. I am a can fancier and a dog lover. I am a feral cat caretaker and own quite a few cats and only 2 dogs. People think of me as the "cat lady" because my rescues are primarily cats. The reason being is cats are easier to handle and I don't have the space or accomodations at my home for dogs.

Anyway, when I was volunteering at the shelter I spent 99% of my time with the dogs. The reason was the dogs needed me more in a physical sense. I would bathe, walk, introduce them to potential owners an do whatever else I could to get them adopted. As for the cats I would post individual bio's on each cat's cage, give them a name and a little story to describe them to potential owners. Once in a while I'd purchasse a beautiful collar for specific cats who needed a little attention getter to get them noticed.

Maybe that's why your volunteers gravitated toward the dogs. Maybe they just felt the dogs needed them more in helping them to get noticed. I hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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