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That's such a horrible story! I guess a lot of people see it as dogs are more interactive with people or fun to be around or something. All animals have their own good and bad qualities, mostly good though. ;) Funny you meantioned volunteering though, since my ordeal with Tevy, I checked out a few local shelters websites in my area and I'm considering volunteering a few hours on the weekends or something. It's just get the nerve up to take a possible chance of rejection (''m not too fond of rejection :p) and to actually get off my lazy behind and call. :) YOu know something that would be really great that I just thought of? If some people around the forum here, who have anything that just sits collecting dust, could collect all their unwanted or items that haven't been used in a while or forgotten about, and have a yard/garage sale and donate some of the money to a local animal shelter. I try to think of how much their expenses must be and it makes me go : :shock: ! How do they pay for it all?! Other than donations and such, just the food alone would cost a lot for all the animals, it's amazing they can stay open! ANyway, now I"m rambling, have a great day everyone! :D

P.s- Anyone want to give me a farm? :lol: If I had a farm, or a house with acrage (spelling) and a lot of room, I'd take in so many animals, it wouldn't be funny. :p I love animals so much. I'm pretty sure I want to be involved with them someway for a long time to come. *sigh* I want a farm! :p
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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