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do you ever get so disheartened you don't know what else could possibly go wrong?
I feel so bombarded with 'bad-luck' when it comes to my kitties, its hard to know if I will cope (mentally), its so depressing.
I feel completely 'ripped-off' when it comes to my dream of breeding cats, the last 3 litters I've had have been disasters ( one kitten from each litter having been born with a congenital deformity) and now I am considering giving up the dream forever.
But in a way I know I will regret it in the long term.
Cats are my life, and breeding is something I did not enter into lightly. I did the research, became a licenced breeder and am an experienced vet nurse. breeding is not for $$, in fact it has cost me thousands and I write it off as ''an expensive hobby " . I just adore cats so much.
Did I pick the wrong stud ? are my queens carriers of resessive genes causing the deformities ?
Its like a stab in the heart when averange kitties come to the clinic for casual abortions, whilst I am struggling to have planned pregnancies and healthy litters.

there is a saying that vet nurses animals are cursed, any one else heard this ?

One of my queens had an acute onset of diarrhoea, followed by some vomiting 4-5 days ago. Petrified of a string foreign body or something similar in the intestinal tract, I took her to the vet 3 times in 2 days for a check up, she was placed on antibiotics as a precaution, but I was assured that she did not feel like she had a foreign body.

one of her 8 week old kittens has a congenital problem that has yet to be diagnosed, (ever heard of mucopolysaccharidosis, or mucolipidosis ? neither have I til today, along with the original theory of pituitary or hypothyroid dwarfism, hypoparthyroidism and rickets ???? I dont know if any of these are what the kitten has , but there is something going on and has caught the interest of several specialists here)
He developed a bout of diarrhoea also, which I am treating with diet only, as he is still VERY bright and energetic, he has improved already over the last 24 hours ( phew ! )

The old family cat with diabetis crashed with hypoglycemia 2 weeks ago- nearly died (body temp less than 36 degrees, blood pressure less than 45, blood sugar less than 0.6mmol) and took more than 14 hours on IV glucose to recover at the emergency center-and the problem is still out of control . After buying my own glucometer and testing his glucose level every 2 hours , we still havnt been able to get him back on track, and now he is urinating blood every 3 minutes- from a cystitis or urinary tract infection - he is also on antibiotics and anti-inflamatories
My old persian, diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart failure), has an on going eye problem, which now seems aparant that it is more than likely to be feline herpes.
One of the queens has been sneezing over the last 3 months, which is also likely to be herpes so I can assume ALL the cats have it or are at least carriers.
can you see why things are looking so pear shaped for me right now ?
I was thinking of having one more litter from my favourite queen, but now am considering scrapping that idea permanantly.

Then I come home after work and find that my neuter male pet has also developed diarrhoea.....

Multi-cat households have multi-problems.

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I am so sorry to here about all your problems. Do not give up yet, just put it on the back burner. Get everybody heathy and then wait of a couple months to see if everything goes right.
I wish you luck.
BTW What are you breeding?
Shelly Bear

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Tufts vet school can DNA test your queen for the mucopolysaccharidosis and other mutations. If present, of course she is not a candidate for a breeding program.

You're right, multi-cat households do have multi-problems! I'm sorry yours hit all at once!

You might want to review your nutritional and vaccination programs. Over-vaccination can cause a lot of immune system problems, especially in purebreds. *Fabulous* nutrition, of course, is absolutely essential!

Dr. Jean
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