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I was asked to house 2 kittens a number of years ago. I was a bit reluctant as I have a Brittany, a hunting dog but agreed to try for 24 hours. The same night one kitten (Dexter) was sleeping between my Brittany's (Ramon) paws.
Dexter is now 4 years old, sleeps with Ramon every night and gets licks clean by him. When I try to stroke Dexter he runs away although he will sit on my knee if I don't touch him. I recently spent 2 weeks in hospital and then 2 weeks at home recovering. The cats were at home all the time while my Brittany went to a friend. During the weeks that Ramon wasn't at home Dexter changed completely. Rubbed against my legs, ran to me when I came back from doing the shopping and rolled on his back to be stroked. Even greeted my neighbour when she came to feed him. A very loving cat!
BUT as soon as I brought Ramon home Dexter went back to his old ways. I am just tolerated while Ramon seems to be the main object of Dexter's affection.
Can anyone suggest a reason for this behaviour? The other kitten is nearly the exact opposite. Loves attention, jumps on my knee the second I sit down, licks my nose if she gets a chance. Have I got a cat who thinks he is a dog?
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