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Daisy is 10. Sam is 5. When we got Daisy as a kitten we already had three cats--two males, one female. Daisy got along just fine with all of them, even cuddled with the two males. One big happy family. >><<

Over the years the oldest male, Charlie, died. My heart kitty. :cry: So, we still have Neko (Male Siamese), Lily (female Persian) and Daisy (also Siamese). A little while later DH brings home a blue point Meezer for my birthday--Sammy. Daisy hated him from day 1!

Now, 5 years later, we are down to just the two of them. We have had one rather serious incident, about 3 years ago. They evidently got into a fight (while we were gone for all of 20 minutes!), and Sammy ended up with a huge gash in his rear leg, and a nearly-severed Achilles' tendon.

Of course, we had to have it fixed; he was not even two years old at the time, and the other options were let it dangle, or amputate. :shock: So, hundreds of dollars later, he's as good as new.

I might add, Sammy DOES tend to "stalk" Daisy and harrass her. However, she usually starts to growl the minute she sees him, even if he's ignoring her.

Any suggestions? I suppose this isn't something I can remedy, but thought I'd ask your opinions!
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