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Why is she flipping out when I get home!?

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Well, we all know I love my Pinky to death, but lately she's been testing my patience to a high point.

Pinky is really well behaved when I'm having days off, she lays with us and stays calm but lately, when I come home from work, she goes Tasmanian Devil!

I don't know what it is! I get home around 11 pm from work walk in the house and she will get very excited and start bounding around the house, scratching my hands to get my attention. I give her attention and then she just leaves me. :( I don't know what it is!

I've had cats get angry at me for going to school when I was younger, but this is driving me insane! I walked into work today with a large scratch on my hand and one of my coworkers was just shocked beyond all belief that a cat could be so crazy!

Today I came home upset because I ride busses home and some guy was forced off the bus for touching me, so first person I went to was my fiance, she reached up and bit his hand! >_<

What do I do to stop this attention problem? I know she just wants more attention from me since I go to work all day, but how do I let her know that I love her and want to give her attention but some nights, I just can't pick her up and say hi? :fust
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I bet she would enjoy playing with Da Bird (feather toy on a wand and string). She can jump and attack it and work off some of that pent-up energy.
Da Bird Feather Teaser at PETCO
I don't your circumstances, so I don't know if this is feasible.

I got Franklin as a 4 month old kitten; fully intending him to be my one cat. He was miserable for the 10+ hours a day I am at work. When I returned each night he was all over me. I could move without him being under my feet and the minute I sat down he clung to me. He would scream when I left and would star again when he heard my keys at night.

I decided it was neither fair nor healthy for this to continue, so I got Franny. The two have been best pals since day 2. He is a much calmer, happier cat now that is not alone all day.

Some cats are just better with a friend :)

I'm not quite sure I understand the problem.

You want your cat to want LESS attention from you when you get home? I don't know about everyone else but I'm glad my cats are excited to see me when I get home. They both get loves and kisses and headbuts first thing and THEN I get to put my stuff down and change my clothes. I usually have to pause at the closet because they are on the bed chirping and trilling. Once I give them a little more loving they go back about their day.
There's a difference between happy to see you and extremely stressed out. The stressed greeting is not all that much fun.
No no I love her attention my problem is she's VIOLENT when she does it. Scratching biting things like that. :( If it was huggles and snuggles I'd be happy
Don't get me started, her last toy want she tore to pieces within two weeks.
Oh and one more thing (I'm spamming sorry) getting another cat isn't good for the moment, maybe when we move to a different location, but right now we don't have the room.
Don't leave Da Bird out when you aren't playing with her. Maybe a small dog loofah toy. If she's wanting to play rough, it's better to redirect it to to a toy rather than your arms and hands.

Does she have a good scratching post? My cats seem to want to scratch after I come in from being at work all day. Harli goes for her sisal scratching post and Lily (sigh) for the carpeted stair in the entry way.
I think it has something to do with the time you arrive home. 11pm is the time that a cat is most active. Does the same thing happen when you get home during the day, say 3-4pm?

I don't have suggestions with how to deal with violence, as all my cats I have/had are very tamed (well trained by their breeders). But I think maybe you should clip Pinky's nails more frequently, so at least you don't get scratches...
If she's wanting to play rough, it's better to redirect it to to a toy rather than your arms and hands.
Lol I do that, I play fetch with her, toss her toys around so she can play with them

As for the time of night, doesn't matter the time. Like now I just came home from a friend's house. It's only 8 and she's doing the same thing.

Last night I tried picking her up when I walked in the door and kissing her and snuggling. That helped -a little- I also have been dragging her blanket by me so she lays down on me or by me while I'm on the computer. But the first few minutes are still KITTY GONE WILD!

I think I've pinpointed it down to one thing. Me and my fiance live with his Dad and step mom. Their marriage is falling apart, literally he left for his mom's last night and didn't come home until I guess an hour ago and his wife is out somewhere, took her phone AND HIS and didn't tell anyone where she was going. I thought about this while Playing DnD with my friend that maybe she's picking up on their emotions and releasing it in violence. >_< Cats are very intuitive and don't deal with stress well. Hrmmm. You think this could be the problem?
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