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She's only about 5 months old now - for the 1st week she was limited to the bathroom, and never completely knocked over her water dish but came close from the amount of water on the floor. Thought maybe it was because such close quarters and trying to play and running into. Now she's given access to the whole place and runs around like expected. She doesn't accidentally hit the water dish, what I can tell from catching her in the act - after she's done drinking she'll put a paw around it and move it until some spills out... never done this with seperate food dish.

I don't know if that's a sign the water level is too high or low, I've tried changing to both lower and higher, as well as different bowls and locations... it'll go for a couple days without a spill, then she does it again. Maybe because she's a kitten and thinks it's fun? It cannot be because she doesn't have enough toys to play with, trust me the place looks like I have a couple 2-3 years olds or 4 cats worth of toys! I completely empty and change the water twice a day, once in morning and again at night. Also tried using cleaner water I use from my filter for drinking.

I thought about getting one of those running water feeders, but would hate to invest in the $30. only to end up her knocking that over and flood the place! Do those things have an auto shut off?

I know I should be thankful that's the only problem and I'm not cleaning up litterbox mistake accidents, but it does get frustrating finding the water on the tile floor or carpet while I hope enough doesn't happen to ruin the wood of the wall baseboards.

Has anyone else's kitty spilt their water dish before when younger then grown out of it or found out what the problem was? thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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