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Next up is J.D. He is a hoot. My niece refers to J.D. as her "little tiger," for good reason. He is crazaay. ;) I was cracking up tonight at his antics. He jumped up on the bed and started turning really fast in circles, trying to pounce on his own tail. :lol: These pics are after...he was panting from the exercise.

Then in stealth mode:

Pink tongue:

And if you can excuse the mess in the background, I thought this picture was too cute not to post:

And just one more pic for good measure :D:

And if you're not sick of photos is one of Cash, who is going home with my niece. He is sweeeet with a capital S. Very mellow.

And one of E.Z. He used to be one of the friendliest...he has turned into the shyest. He's staying here with me :D.

And just because I can, a pic with my little doggy in it. He and the kittens have a blast playing together:

Hope you enjoyed! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts