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Will getting him a friend help with his bad behaviour?

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I’ve got a little problem/question to run by you guys. Ever since I moved, my cat has gotten a whole lot more mischievous. To the point of just plain BAD. Clawing up huge holes in the carpet by my door, chewing and destroying everything in sight, and clawing at ankles. He’s always been a little bit of a bad boy…but there has been a large and noticeable difference since I moved. I might have an idea why he’s doing this, but I want to run it by some other people before I come to any conclusions.

For the first two years of his life Rhombus lived with me in my parents house. In a house of 5 people, there was almost always someone home; and always another cat to play with. He would bound after my sister’s cat and pretty much terrorize her in an adorable/annoying brother kind of way. He loved to play with her and chase her, even tho she hated it. He got to have outside time randomly and run around a huge house.
Problem is, I’ve moved out and now live in a tiny one bedroom apartment all by my self. And Rhombus is all alone for the 9 hours a day I have to be away for work. No one to play with and hardly any room to run. And only a 3rd floor balcony for outside times. So I figure that the reason he’s being so bad is because he’s horribly lonely. Plus, he has too much energy for such a small space.

I’ve made him a harness and I’m trying to get him used to it so I can start him on walks…maybe get some of that energy out.

But here’s the real question: what do we think about getting another cat? If he’s lonely at home all day, will someone to pay with and hang around with make him happier and less mischievous? Or will he just get territorial and become worse?
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How old is he? I think another cat is a great idea, you are right, he sounds bored and stressed. Cats are creatures of habit and he has had his world turned upside down! Having another cat would keep him busy and give him some entertainment.
Another cat would certainly keep him busier and be a companion for him, if they like each other. I would consider getting him more vertical space with a cat tree if you don't already have one, before you consider another cat, and see if that makes a difference. Taking him for walks too is good. If you decide on another cat, I would be inclined to take in a foster kitty, and see if they are companionable, with option to adopt. It might work better with a home-fostered kitten that is used to other cats, coming and going. Good luck!
Ditto to catloverami's post.
He's almost four year old now i believe. And i do have a good amount of vertical space for him... i have one of those tall cat trees (which he climbs up and jumps off like a nut ball haha). i also have a few bookshelves and tall cabinet's set up in different spots that he can jump up to. i would have more if i could, but there's only so many pieces of furniture you can fit in a tiny apartment :p haha

and i didn't even think about the foster kitty idea...that's a good idea!
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