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Will he be a big cat?

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My 2 kittens will be 6 months old next week. 2 wks ago Miley weighed 6 lbs and Ollie weighed 7.5. I weighed them today and Miley weighs 7 lbs and Ollie weighs 8.25. They're not fat, they're good sized cats, especially Ollie. Any predictions on how big they will be full grown? I have no idea how big their parents were or anything like that. I've already posted this picture, but for reference, here's a pic of Ollie with my 5 yr old. She's about 42" tall.

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Oops, I meant Miley weighs 6.5 now, she gained 1/2 lb, not a full lb.
I think it will be hard to tell for sure how big they will be without seeing their parents, but this is a time when kittens will be gaining some weight as they mature a little bit and reach their full size. You definitely will have some large cats on your hands but I don't think they will be too big. What are you feeding them right now?
He looks like he's gonna be a biggie. It's still hard for me to tell even with the picture and the reference that you're daughter is 42" tall, but he looks like he's got a long body and a good sized head.

if we're starting a pool and taking bets, i'm putting my bid in for 13.5 pounds at 1 year old for the one in the picture. ha ha! i suppose that's not really THAT big, but bigger at least then my kitty.

p.s. i love kitties who don't mind being held every which way like in the picture. they're so tolerant.
time to change his name to biggie smalls. :)

look at his feet. the biggest cat i've ever had (and still have) is baci, and he was a teeny little kitten and at 6 months, i think he was just kind of long and skinny but he always had gigantor paws. now he's 11.8 and not fat at all. (5 yo)

It's difficult to tell how big a cat will be once he reaches adulthood.

Two of my cats, a brother and sister from the same litter who were pretty much the same size until they were 6 months old... they are now 2 years old and Katla weighs 7 pounds and is very delicate small framed cat, and her brother Rasta a whooping 13 pounds of muscles.
They ate the same thing and lived in the same conditions...

Judging from the picture, I am tempted to say that they will not be small! As for a definitive weight... I think only time can tell!

Well Miley is more small boned and delicately built, so I don't think she will get all that big. She also isn't as much of a pig as Ollie either. I think he is going to be built like a truck. LOL. Miley has fluffier hair so she looks bigger than she really is. She's the black one, I have some other pics of them on the intro forum.

Ollie really is very tolerant of being carried around any which way. I have to make sure the kids are being nice and not hurting them accidentally, because he never really makes a peep about it. Miley on the other hand loves to cuddle but isn't too crazy about being picked up. The kids have been instructed not to pick her up but they can pet her, and a lot of times I just have to tell them okay, leave Ollie alone now, I think he's had enough. But he still gets right in the middle of everything they're doing so he must not be too bothered by it.
Oh, and as for what I'm feeding them, they came to me with a case of Friskies poultry variety pack, like shreds in gravy, and a plastic tote of 9 Lives or something.

I didn't want to throw it out so I kept feeding them that but went and bought cans of Natural Balance, Holistic Select, Wellness, just a variety of "flavors" and have been giving them the Friskies and the stuff I bought, alternating every other can. They have eaten everything I've put in front of them. Yay! And for the dry food I'm doing a gradual switch to Earthborn Holistic primitive feline. Right now they're getting 1 part Earthborn to 4 parts of the other stuff. I mixed several days' worth in a plastic container with a lid and just scoop it out for them. I divide a 5.5 oz can between them in the mornings. I give them about half a cup of dry food divided between 2 bowls when I get home from work and again before bed. They switch places several times so it's hard to tell who eats what, but in the mornings I separate them for the wet food so I know Miley gets enough. I was just giving them a heaping 1/4 cup scoop of dry food between them but the last few days they gobbled it and begged for more so I upped it and they finish all but 5 or 6 kibbles. I am keeping an eye on their weight but they are both lean right now, just growing I suppose. Sorry my posts get so long and drawn out. LOL.
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