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Will not eat or drink

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Just brought home a 2 1/2 year old Birman/Siamese cat today. He had been in his carrier for a good 12+ hours (flight from hawaii to atlanta) and then a 2hr car ride to Birmingham, Al, arrived at 9:30 a.m. It is now 10:00 at night and he has not eaten anything, I cant tell if he has drank any water, but he has not used the litter box. He had water in his carrier, but more than likely that was spilled by the airlines rather than drank. It I haven't seen him eat or drink by in the morning I'm going to call my vet. He was doing really well, within 2hr of being home he was laying next to me on the bed, just very skidish . Then while he was exploring the what I thought was a safe room, he got next to the door and smelled one of my resident cats on the other side and has been hissing ever since, if I try to pet him now, he lunges at me and tries to slap at me. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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This is pretty common for cats in new situations. I suspect you'll see him eat you know what he was eating previously? If you don't have the same food, you might want to get some. Cats will often resist food changes, combine that with the trauma he's going through and it makes it even harder.
I agree with Doodlebug's recommendation to feed him the same food he was eating at his previous location. This cat now knows that he has invaded another cat's territory, and it's naturally put him on the defensive. He'll be likely to eat and drink only under cover of darkness, late at night after everyone has gone to bed and the house is quiet. He also needs his food and water bowls (and litterbox) to be placed as far away from the door where he smelled the other cat as possible. In fact, he'll be more likely to eat and drink if those bowls are placed in a hidey hole, like under a bed or dresser, or in a dark closet.

As far as the aggression toward you is concerned, just wait him out and don't try to approach him. Sit on the floor in the room with him. Read a book aloud to him. Sing softly to him. Wait for him to come to you for attention. Toss a few irresistible treats to him (Pounce or Temptations). Once his nerves settle, he'll want to make contact again, but it needs to be his idea and initiated by him.

The skittish cats require patience and time. Give him those, and he'll be fine ... eventually.

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Thanks everyone. He started eating and drinking Sunday afternoon (23rd) - the pounce treats did the trick! Still hissing and growling while he chews lol but at least he's eating and drinking. He as more interested in the new wet cat food than the old (bad) dry food he was use to eating, I have some of his dry food in a bowl, but he will actually come down and eat the wet, so were sticking with it. Noww I just have to convince him that I am one of the good guys and to let me touch him. Curiosity got the best of him this morning and he came down (from a cleaned off shelf in the closet) to see about the toys I had - he was playing with them - but would look over at me occasionally and growl lol But still, I think that's progress. Thanks again.
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