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My brother rescued a couple of young (about a year and a half old) cats that had been abandoned/trapped in a house after the owner moved away. They were both males, from the same litter, and neither of them fixed (at that time, but we took care of that right away). They got along with each other extremely well, just like you would expect brothers/best friends to do.

But at the time, he (my brother) already owned another, much younger kitten, also male, already fixed, about 7 or 8 months old, born of the same cat-parents as the other 2, but from a different litter, obviously.

But the 3 cats have a very strange relationship with each other. The younger cat decided immediately, as soon as the other 2 were brought home, that he loved one of the cats and hated the other one. And the feeling is mutual in both cases.

He still has all 3 of those cats, and they are now a little over the 10-year-old mark. Their relationship has not changed at all, but they manage to co-habitate. They seem to go through mini-phases every now and then when their dislike for each other just gets to be too much for them to handle, and they'll do things like trying to keep each other from using a litterbox, keeping each other out of the room where the food is, and fighting. Sometimes they have to be fed separately if they're acting too territorial. I would say they get on one of these little mini-kicks about maybe 5-6 times a year, and it usually only lasts 2-3 days. But for the rest of the year, they just deal with each other, and at worst they ignore each other. The one cat that gets along with them both has become sort of the "peacekeeper," and is not afraid to pass judgement on whichever one he decides "started it."

It's actually really funny to watch them in their little arguments--although it sure would be nicer if they all got along all the time.

Anyway I should get to the point of my long-winded story--sometimes it seems like it just doesn't matter how they are introduced. Sometimes some cats just don't like some other cats. They've got personalities just like people do, and not all personalities mesh well together. I don't know how they can tell--but they do.
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