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wood pellet litter boxes part 59

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i've been trying to figure this out for awhile now but i'm getting closer. :)

okay, don't like the american fp, kind of like the nz one but the oz-pet one is what i'd buy. IF (i have a friend who lives in australia and he's checking for me. or supposed to be anyway. i might just call them myself lol.) it won't cost me $120 for a litter box. i'm kind of exaggerating but it's $60 for the box itself and i know shipping from there to the states is pretty expensive. i know it's more just because of inflation but if i want a covered ready-made one, that's my only choice.

as far as figuring out if i can retrofit my booda domes, yes, i could. i actually took all the litter out of them and tried it out. it's fantastic. the first pan just sits in the bottom one and then the top half fits on to the second bottom, no problem.

i also did a not-very-well-thought-out experiment. i have a lot of those hospital basins. so i thought i should see how i'm going to get holes in one. i was going to use a hot knitting needle but i decided against that. then i found a nail and a hammer, but all that happened when i tried to make holes was that it split. then i got the bright idea that if the cracks weren't huge holes, the sawdust could still fall through. well, it does, sort of, if you have two weeks to sit there and shake it.

if i find them on sale they'll be about $25 but i don't want to make a mess of the holes. i figure i'll start with one and see how that goes. but my question is, what do i drill the holes with? and if it's with an electric drill, anyone know what size drill-bit?

at least now i know the bottoms work.
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Hmmm I was going to ask you what size drill bit. Lol. I think a drill would give you the cleanest holes without cracking or splitting. I drill holes in plastic flower pots and things all the time. I have a bit that I would try first but haha, I don't know what size it is, I'll check and see if it's labeled when I don't have acat sharing my blanket on the couch. :) Maybe someone else will have an answer who has done this. Have you looked on craigslist or anything for cheap booda domes? Some people have luck finding stuff they want, I don't.
Okay, I just looked at my favorite bit and it's 5/32. It's definitely small enough to keep the pellets from falling through but is it big enough to get the sawdust through quickly? Hmmmm....
Well, I found How to build a Feline Pine self cleaning litter box, on That person suggests an 11/64 bit.... which is 1/64" bigger than the bit I suggested. Lol. I can't post a link because I'm posting from my Nook.
I stopped reading at the point you mention nail and hammer. I think my hammer bears a personal grudge on my fingers :dis

Anyway, I think I heard about ppl using a pen-like welder to burn holes on plastic pans. I also heard ppl just using a wire mesh with small holes as sifter. But, you definitely can be creative! Please do show your completed work afterwards :wink:
Just wanted to make sure that you have actually used the wood pellet litter and are happy with it? B/c many cats do NOT like it. I would make sure your cats love it before going to all this trouble. Personally, I found the boxes to be impossible to keep clean since it doesn't clump, and I had one cat who hated it and told me so in no uncertain terms by urinating into the window air conditioner (necessitating a complete chemical cleaning). Won't make THAT mistake again. ;)
No, she has posted about it and has been using it for a while. I use it too and love it.
Oh, OK. That's good. I just know too many for whom it does NOT work. :)
yeah i think it's the best thing since indoor plumbing. :) i definitely wouldn't go to all this trouble if i hadn't already gotten the cats used to it. there are days i don't even want to go to all this trouble even though i need it lol. that's the main reason i joined this board in april. i had just started to use it and wanted to see if anyone had ideas for alternative litter boxes.

craigslist is a good idea. i guess haha, i never find what i need on there. i found a kitten once, that's about it. a woman i know used to go to this swap place and get all kinds of cat things but i can't find it. (another post: she found these ADORABLE little play mice that i have not been able to find anywhere. i hid one haha because you know how cats destroy them. i'll post a picture of it later and see if anyone has ever seen them.)

i have to find someone with an electric drill. i have some ideas, it's just asking. if i can pull this off, i'll be SO proud of it i'll definitely post pictures ying ying. actually, i found a garden sifter: 1/2In Mesh Garden Sieve: Patio, Lawn & Garden that's 3 inches tall but it's only 14" in diameter and the boxes i have are 18". the mesh is 1/2" so that should probably be the right size. i could probably rig something to fit around the inside but that's in the future. these soil sieves aren't really cheap but they seem to be a step in the right direction garden sifter actually the compost sifter at the very top is 19" around but it has little handles. :( and there's that trapper's sifter (i have no idea what it's really for) for 6.95 but of course it's square.

then there's the metal factor. i'd prefer something plastic just because of the urine but if i keep enough litter in the box that might not matter. i use liners right now but i'd like to stop. but i never find urine pooled, well that might be because if it goes to the bottom pellets absorb it.
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ying ying: what's a pen-like welder? you mean like a soldering iron? or even a wood-burning thingy? (my wonderful technical jargon)

i think i'll probably have the best luck with finding a guy with an electric drill. i have all the girl tools, but i don't have an electric drill or a step ladder or a level or a snake or wet vac or a band saw lol.
Definitely borrow a drill... and a step ladder... and maybe even the guy to operate the drill.....

Oh, and at walmart the other day I saw sifting disposable litterbox liners. I almost bought a box, they were $3 for the giant size.
you can try those but i bought some myself a month or so ago and it was a total waste. the mesh was too big and the pellets fell through, so if i used like 3 at once it was okay, but it really wasn't convenient.

i also saw some at petsmart last week and looked at a few, and none looked like a good alternative. $3 isn't that much but i'd be surprised if they work for you.

yeah i'll make chuck drill while standing on a step-ladder. lol he's married, but he does some things around the house for me sometimes.
ying ying: what's a pen-like welder? you mean like a soldering iron? or even a wood-burning thingy? (my wonderful technical jargon)
Yes, soldering iron! Those ones used on circuit board :D I didn't know what they are called in English :lol:

Drill should be good too, but I think you need to apply sandpaper on the box afterward, as the edges around drilled holes may not be smooth. Not should if they will be sharp enough to scratch you or your cat though :)
Yes, soldering iron! Those ones used on circuit board :D I didn't know what they are called in English :lol:

Drill should be good too, but I think you need to apply sandpaper on the box afterward, as the edges around drilled holes may not be smooth. Not should if they will be sharp enough to scratch you or your cat though :)
i know what you mean now, and i don't know what they're called in any language.

i thought about the rough edges too. these boxes are pretty thick (i don't know how thick, i haven't measured) but i'm pretty sure i need a drill to get through it. maybe not, but i have no idea who would have one of those welder-heated-stick-pointy things.

what did you use to make the holes in yours? (if i remember right) don't you use sterilite containers? i saw some of those at king soopers, but of course they aren't shaped or sized like the boxes i have.
No, I don't have a sifting box. Mine is just a large, high-sided regular litter box. I scoop the whole pellet out, dump the sawdust, and wash the box once a week. If there are too much sawdust during the week, I just top the box with some more clean pellet. I would LOVE to have a large, high-sided sifting box, but I'm not good at DIY :)
I started a thread about this, but I picked up one of these at Petco for $30. It is meant to be used with their special pellets, but I am using pine pellets with it and it works great!

Cat Litter System: BREEZE® Cat Litter Box from TIDY CATS®

As the pellets get wet the sawdust falls through to the bottom tray. I scoop out the solid waste(it comes with a scoop that is perfect because the pellets fall through the holes, so you only lose the pellets that are stuck to the poop) and then I drag the scoop through to make sure the sawdust falls through. Then I just empty the bottom tray. It comes with special pads for the bottom tray, but they are unnessesary when using pine pellets.

*There is also a $10 off coupon inside the box
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