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I went to Petsmart in search of a cheaper alternative to World's Best. The few other litters I saw that were made of the corn weren't really that much cheaper and while I don't remember particular brands, seem to remember that most of the reviews of other corn litters got bad reviews compared to the WB.

The 7lb bags were on sale for $5.99. They had two bags of the multi-cat formula that had an attached $3 off coupon. So I took the coupons off those bags to use for the regular formula and paid just over $6 for 14lb. I thought it was a pretty good deal. I was also there for At Ease Calming Spray (yet another attempt to create harmony in the house) but they didn't have it. So I went across town to another Petsmart that did carry it. They didn't have any coupons on their litter.

I did some googling and the only thing I came up with was a blog from October with some sort of Target contest that mentioned a limited time of having coupons on the small bags. I assumed I was just a little late and had gotten the last there would be, but I might try target on my way to work.

Has anyone else seen these bags with coupons hanging around? I don't normally like to buy the small bags but on sale with $3 off is too good a deal to pass up! Plus, I just realized that WB has a frequent buyer program and will send out $28 in coupons if you mail in 9 UPC from the same sized bag. So I was kind of hoping to get a few more if I could for cheap to use toward that. There is also a rebate for a free 7lb or 8lb bag that is good on bags purchased before 12/31/10. I'm hoping to save as much as I can and stock up!!
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