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wasn't sure if this should go in health or behavior... so now its here.

I was at a friend's house for a party (well, get together really) and noticed that their newest cat is still having the worst time adjusting.

They originally had two cats before they brought the new one, Chancey in. The original two were raised together since kittenhood and got along well, but had some trouble getting along with Chance. Sadly, one cat got into some antifreeze and died.

Now its June and Chancey. They seem to be getting along better, occasional hissing but no fighting, and for the most part they smell, rub, and even clean one another. June is extremely outgoing and friendly (much more so than she used to be...). She was running around the house playing with anyone she could. Everyone was picking her up, playing with her and her toys, petting her. She couldn't get enough attention!

However, Chancey stayed hidden all night. When I first got there, she was behind a dresser, then we left to pick someone up, and she was behind the couch when we got back. My friend picked her up and set her on my lap and was amazed that she laid there and didn't run away. She seemed quite happy. Another person showed up and she went right back to hiding. I saw her maybe twice that night. Once to use the box, and once to eat (I think).

Now as someone used to having a cat afraid of everything, this shouldn't surprise me. But she really seems to have a problem. When she walks around the house, she's hunched over and ready to sprint away from anything. When picked up, she kind of stays curled up in a ball almost as if it hurts. But when a few people had left and it was pretty late at night, my friend put her back on my lap and she fell asleep purring on the pillow I was holding with me petting her.

She doesn't seem to hate being loved on, but she's still extremely timid and uncomfortable around everyone, even her "parents" who have had her about 5 months now.

Does it seem like she may have had a troubled past and bad life at the shelter? Or is it more likely that she has some sort of health problem? She was brought to the vet when they got her and seemed fine.

She just seems to unhappy. Any ideas?
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