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Hi everyone! Sorry in advance that this is long.

I have a big supply of a powder mix "Feline Instincts with chicken liver" that I will not be using for Gracie. She has a hard time with bone meal and I am working on finding a similar product with a different calcium source. It is for use with fresh raw boneless meat of your choice - has all the vitamins, minerals, etc. to make balanced meals. Gracie loves it.

If anyone would like to try it, I would be happy to mail some out along with a photocopy of the brochure, for the price of the postage. I figure the Cat Forum folks would be the most interested :), I actually don't know anyone where we live who feeds raw. The package originally cost me about $50, more than a year's supply at one meal a day, so I would hate to throw it away or have it go to waste...PM me if you would like some!


The back story is this. We were using a powder mix for the last few years that worked really well for Gracie. Then in June, I couldn't find the webpage anymore. I searched and found what I thought was the same product - turns out that the original Canadian company got into a wrangle with it's American distributor there was a lawsuit and a name change and a bankruptcy and so forth :(. The Canadian company had to change it's product name and cannot sell directly in the US anymore. It makes me sad,
since it is all about better nutrition for our kitties - I think the original person was the inventor but I really don't know for sure.

The new product I bought was the American version with a slightly different blend of ingredients and the calcium is bone meal-based, instead of calcium lactate like the other version I had been using before. Either the proportion is different, or the calcium source is the issue, but Gracie has been suffering from hard poops and pooping out of the box since June - exactly the time we (unknowingly) switched brands.

When I finally contacted the (US) company (who couldn't find my customer records???) I figured out what had happened. I was embarrassed to realize that I was a customer of their competitor but they were embarrassed to hear that their product was giving our kitty problems. They ended up sending a free sample of their just-redesigned calcium lactate product which Gracie seems to be fine with :). (I also reconnected with the original Canadian company, who has contracted an American manufacturer to blend up a version for sale here. After a long and fascinating conversation with the food chemist in the States I bought a small amount of their product which now has bone meal in it instead, but in a different proportion so Gracie appears to be fine on it, too.) I haven't decided which brand to stay with moving forward, still in the trial period to see which best relieves her 'pooping on the front hall rug' issues. The good news is that her poops are better looking already.

The food chemist was fascinating to talk to. On his recommendation, I am going to add a tiny amount of edible cellulose to Gracie's raw diet, too. It will help bring water into the intestine when stool is formed, without adding calories such as what happens with pumpkin (Gracie instantly gained weight with pumpkin) and without possible irritation to the intestine which can happen with psyllium, Miralax or Metamucil (all often used for constipation in humans and felines). Another alternative he mentioned was gelatin, although a vegetable-based approach was more of his preference since animal-based gelatin is harder to find from clean sources, at least from his standpoint as a provider of a commercial human-grade mix...

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