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I was cleaning out my computer and ran across the following responds to a forum question "Would Your Cat Be a Good Leader?" in 2011. Thought it may be interesting to hear your cat's thoughts on the world as it is today. Here is what I wrote in 2011.

Colonel would make a lousy leader, to lazy. I could just see him laying on the “Thrown of Power” at his first news conference.
Roll the cameras. Colonel looking up stretching and yawning.
Reporter 1: The economy is in the dumps. What are your ideas to improve it.
Colonel: Please give me a challenge. That’s an easy one. I would give every cat owner a tax deduction for each cat that they have, just like you get from having kids.

Follow up Reporter 1: How would that improve the economy?
Colonel: All of our slave will use some of the extra money to buy us nice toys, cat beds and cat trees. This will spur the pet industry. For better or worse it will clear out the cat shelters at least giving our brothers and sisters a chance. In order to obtain the deduction, the cat must come from a kill type shelter and be de-sexed at the adopter’s expense before it leaves the shelter. You may ask, “Is this good for the cats.” Think of the alternative, better to have a chance or be dead?

Reporter 2: They are so many strays running around. What would you do to alleviate this problem.
Colonel: I would put a bounty on cats. Before you cough up a hairball hear me out. The bounty would be for trapped live cats. We would pay $s for each trapped cat brought into the shelters. The cats would be de-sexed and turned loose in the vicinity they came from. This would vastly reduce the reproductive feral population.

Follow up Reporter 2: De-sexing would get very expensive, where do you plan to get the money for this?
Colonel: I would relax the laws to allow Veterinary student to do the operation after they have completed the require course. We would pay them $s for each cat that they operated on. The money would not go to them, but would be paid directly into their government guaranteed student loan account. This will give the students the opportunity to practice their skills.

Follow up Reporter 2: You still didn’t say where the money would be coming from.
Colonel: I would have Congress issue government grants to cover the expense on the premise that it would help with paying off a student loan that may otherwise go default. They aren’t smart enough to figure out that I am using their money to pay off the loans.

Reporter 3: What would you do about terrorism?
Colonel: You mean the Rottweiler down the road?
Reporter 3: No. I mean the troubles in the Middle East.
Colonel: I guess the answer maybe one in the same either way. I would reenact the Selective Services, but for dogs only. I would have them trained for war. I would bring our soldiers home replacing them with trained dogs. Either way it would solve the cat’s terrorist problem and help our slaves.

Reporter 4: What would you do about poverty?
Colonel (yawning): That is a tuff one. I guess I will have to sleep on that one a while. Good night all

The file was dated 2011 and wrote from Colonel's (RIP) eyes. Thought it may be interesting to see how your cats would lead in todays world. My 3 cats aren't as smart as Colonel was and I don't know if I could respond to the question now.
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