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Xam Nho - chubby lazy cat

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"Let me lay here just a minute, please, please..." :)
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What a sweet expression on your cat's face!! It's nice to have you here at the Cat Forum! :D
The expression on Moby and Xam Nho's faces is very similar.

Tio, that's so upsetting! I have a friend in England whose cat has been taken repeatedly by a elderly man who lives on her street. He sits outside and bribes them with food. She has other cats, but she loves this one so much she took his name for her online name. I'm so upset I was tempted to call the Leicester police long distance and tell them what I think, but she says they ignore problems concerning cats! It's infuriating. They're helpful if your dog has been lost or stolen, but don't seem to care about cats! :(

p.s. I am a dog lover also. I just want equal treatment for both animals!
I keep hearing that legislation is being considered to acknowledge the fact that pets are not just property, but I don't see any action yet. :(
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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