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We all know that worry of buying expensive cat toys, only to have the kitteh reject it, right?

When we first moved here, I spent $90 on a cat tree (I've always wanted one!) and then proceeded to worry whether or not that was wasted money. Rotten rejects 99.9% of everything offered to her :roll: So I figured I'd probably just wasted my money. But she's always slept it in, claws it constantly, and skitters around the base, attacks me if I get too close to it. I knew it wasn't wasted, at least.

Then a week or so ago, I saw something different. Not only is the cat tree acceptable, apparantly it's part of the family now :D Rotten is cleaning her cat tree. I heard the raspy scrape of a cat cleaning, looked over at her..and saw her cleaning her cat tree lovingly for the next 15 minutes. Now, all the carpeting around the top of the tree is just fuzz, she's licked it down to fuzz, and she just keeps on cleaning lol. She looks so happy when she does it! I even drag the cat tree around the room while she cleans, and she won't even look up from whatever spot she's licking on it.

My little goober :)
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