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Hello everyone. :)

I share my everydays with three other dogs, two rats, two cockatiels, some fish, a leopard gecko and my four feline friends.

I'm at a library at the moment and I don't have access to any pictures of my cats, so here's a brief description of them. Once I get my hands on some pictures, I'll upload them.

The first cat I lived along was Axel, a black exotic shorthair with a history of show business; now enjoying the life of a 16 years old pensioneer along with his 3 hyperactive roommates. Although he is a bit cranky at times, he's also a big sweethear when he wants to be.

The second cat that came to our home was Misha, a cat with a beautiful and silky blue coat and vivid green eyes, and with a typical cat personality. She was found near my father's work, where she had been begging for food for several days. After a week still nobody came for this kitten so my father brought her home with him. She was a real couch potato. Whenever I went to sleep, she would make her own way under the blanket and sleep on my stomach. When I was at the hospital due to meningitis, Misha ran away.

Knowing how attached I had grown with the cat, a week later my parents picked up Tara from the shelter for me, as a 'replacement' for Misha. Tara is a more masculine version of Misha, with a slightly lighter coat.

Not three months later we found Misha hiding under our barn, and after several attempts later we finally caught her. Unfortunately she picked up feline leukemia from other stray cats, and had to be put to sleep 2 years later. She is greately missed.

Months after her sister in crime passed away, Tara still cried and howled. The old pensioneer was no fun to play with, so we decided to rescue another cat from the shelter, and so came Sammy, a domestic shorthair cat. She's brown with black stripes and emerald eyes. She's about 7 months old now. Sammy's the kind of cat who runs away from you when you try to hold her, but snuggles close when you're doing something else, like reading a book or spending your time on the computer. She's an arrogant lady who doesn't like to be pushed around by her playmate, Bagheera.

Bagheera's a stray kitten we found hiding around our home, so we gave her a warm home. With the winter around the corner, I doubt a kitten of 4 months of age with no mum could survive. She's got a medium long black coat, and a funny shaped head. She's real something too; she enjoys being carried around in hoodies and pockets. :)

I call dibs on a savannah cat though, and a year and 4,000€ from today, I'll own one without doubt!

Oh, and also, my name's Lea, by the way. Kinda forgot to mention that.

Nice to meet you all! :D
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