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I am hoping that you can offer either a loving, stable foster home for a Russian Blue cat, named Sasha, that I adopted on a temporary basis. I got her last Saturday, as a result of an ad on Craigslist. The people who rescued her from an abusive situation already had several pets and could not afford to spay and vaccinate her and generally take proper care. The people who originally rescued her said that she is a purebred, but that because they rescued her, they did not have paperwork on her lineage. You can see photos of Sasha at Pictures by LY5359 - Photobucket. As the title of the album indicates, the photos definitely don't do her justice. She is so pretty and everything I’ve read about Russian Blues and see in her tells me she a purebred.

Please understand that I am not at all the type of person to take on pets "temporarily." I have a physical disability and have been fortunate to have service dogs for 22 years. I know that pets are a serious commitment. The ad for Sasha indicated that she had to be re-homed immediately or be taken to the pound. I also suspect that some of the interest in her may have come from people who wanted her for breeding purposes. I'd love to keep her myself, but my apartment doesn't allow pets.

She is about nine months old and because of the abuse she experienced, she needs time to warm up to people. Having said that, after only having her for one week, I've found her to be very interested in people, bright, curious and playful. She accepts gentle petting and rubs affectionately against my wheelchair. She only weighs about four pounds, but her appetite has improved substantially since she has access to better quality food. She has a beautiful solid bluish/gray short coat and striking green eyes. I'll be having her spayed and vaccinated on 5/17. She'll do best in cat-experienced home without children or with older, gentle ones. She is learning to co-exist with my service dog, and I think she'll do okay with non-reactive dogs who give her space. She travels well in a carrier, is used to being in a large, comfortable wire crate overnight, eats dry food (although she loves canned food, too!), uses a litter box, is quiet around the house and has some experience with bunnies and birds.

Another great thing about Sasha is that her coat appears to be hypo-allergenic, a trait thought to be common among Russian Blues. It has proved to be true in her case -- my husband, who is highly allergic to cats, has no reaction to her! I can't swear that she would be hypo-allergenic for all people, but she definitely has been for him!

The area humane society is at capacity and is not accepting any more intakes right now, but it's not what I want for her anyway, except as a last resort. I have made contact with local rescues, but they, too, are at capacity. If your organization can offer Sasha a stable foster home, I would be very grateful! I am from the Midwest, where people generally don't spend $400 -$700 to purchase a cat. Apparently, it's more common in the Northeast. I want to do right by her, but simply cannot keep her. It was my intention to improve her adoptability and I mistakenly thought that her purebred status would make re-homing easier.

Please contact me at sashacat2011 @ gmail . com (remove spaces).

Update: I am still open to a local foster or adoption, with the understanding that I absolutely cannot take Sasha back. However, because I was unable to generate either foster or permanent home leads in the MD, NoVA, or DC areas, I began looking out-of-the region. I found a great permanent home in CO. This is wonderful, of course, but it means that I will have to pay to have her flown there in cargo, purchase an airline approved crate, and get her examined in order get a health certificate. (The humane society at which I'm having her spayed and vaccinated does not provide them, so I'll have to go through a private vet.)

Granted, I took this venture on and I am obligated to see Sasha through, but because she, apparently, cannot be placed locally, I will have to incur significantly greater costs than I anticipated. My question is, are there any resources to help defray my costs? Can I develop a relationship with a non-profit, so that my costs will be tax deductible? If not, can anyone recommend a vet in my area who offers health certificates at a low cost? The going rate seems to be around $50.00 dollars. If you know of any MD vets who do, please e-mail me privately.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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