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Your cats and your other pets

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You may already have done this thread, but just in case...

I'm curious to know what other pets everyone else has and how they get along with your cats.

Aside from the two cats we also keep domestic rats (fantastic pets, I'd recommend them!). When the Rat Boys first arrived the Cat Boys were rather over-interested and jumped on the cage a lot. Once the rats got braver though they started hissing and trying to grab the cats' tails. The cats soon lost interest - not only could they not get hold of these annoying little creatures, but the rats COULD get hold of them!

The rats were terrified to start with and would freeze for up to half an hour at a time. But once they realised the cats couldn't get them they became braver.

The only time the cats take any notice now is if I get the milky drops out for the rats - the cats love to share and jump up next to the cage to await their turn. It's cute to see a rat one side of the cage nibbling happily away, and the cats just inches away enjoying their treats too!

The rats do free-range in our bedroom in the evenings, but the cats get shut out of the room at that point. I wouldn't ever want to take any risks and end up with a dead rat or a severely bitten cat.

Sooty gets quite jealous if I spend time with the rats. He doesn't spend much time in the bedroom (preferring to be in the lounge with us) but as soon as I go in with the rats he sits outside the door and yowls.

We'd like to get another dog when we move (our last one died just before we got Carrots) but unfortunately Carrots is terrified of them so it's something we will need to approach very carefully and not until we've got a bigger house (it's annoying, since we did mention to the RSPCA that we'd like to get another dog at some point and they assured us that Carrots was very happy with dogs!! Not true!).

Do you have other pets as well as your cats?
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it is amazing how predator and prey can get along!

right now i only have the 3 cats. i live in a tiny basement apartment so i don't have room for much else!

at one point, i had a rabbit that got along GREAT with the cats. i think he really thought he was a cat. he even used their litter box and scratching post! the cats loved to chase him, he was much more nimble than they were so they almost never caught him. he could stop, turn around, and leap off in some other direction and the cats would put on their brakes and slide into the wall :lol: once they wore each other out, they'd snuggle up for a nap together. twas precious!

i had a gerbil once too, but he didn't exactly get along with the cats so big 24 pound cat managed to knock his cage over one day. i heard a big noise in the gerbil's room and ran to see what happened and i walked in just in time to see the gerbil run across the floor with cat in tow. the cat caught him before i did...he bit the gerbil's tail and skinned it! oh it was awful...poor little guy had no fur or skin left on half of his tail. the gerbil freaked, naturally, and bit the crap out of me about a dozen times before i could put his cage back up. let me tell you how fun it is to pick up a glass tank and attempt to arrange it while having an insane gerbil in your other hand trying to gnaw your fingers off while having a 24 pound cat trying to climb up your leg to get the said gerbil! he recovered well though, he's lucky the cat only caught his tail. he eventually gnawed the unskinned part of his tail off ::shiver:: but seemed ok after that.

i've had many other pets that i simply didn't allow access to the cats. in no particular order:

1 savannah monitor lizard (once he grew up, he could have easily EATEN a cat!)
3 anole chameleons
1 garter snake
1 cockatiel
1 red eared slider turtle
3 box turtles
1 praying mantis
2 mice (the pet store told me they were both females...but they were wrong, i ended up with about a dozen mice!)
1 gerbil
2 iguanas
1 dove (rescued)

if i could pick my next pet...strange but true...i would pick some sort of bat! with the proper vaccinations and care, i think a bat would make one heck of a neat pet. i think there are a few breeds you're allowed to keep as pets, not sure though. i used to go spelunking every now and then, and would run into brown bats quite often in the caves. they looked like little ferrets with big ears and leathery wings, and were actually very friendly! i got brave one time and put my finger out to one, and it hooked onto me with its little wing fingers and proceeded to hang upside down from my finger and sleep! i wouldn't recommend anyone else try that though, i might have just gotten lucky.
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