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My 17 year old cat entered stage 3 kidney disease a few days ago.

He has been on a food elimination trial for a month or so (he is allergic to something in almost all pre-made foods, but we haven't figured out what yet), so right now all he eats is homemade boiled chicken or ground beef. He's done SO much better since then-- he used to throw up basically every other day and now he doesn't vomit at all-- but he's definitely starting to show signs of poor nutrition.

I need to start him on a more balanced diet that's kidney-friendly, but I really can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a consult with a nutritionist. I am wondering if anyone has used this BalanceIT (balanceIT (dot) com/tools/ez2/#) site that was suggested to me by my vet. It seems to be an automatic recipe generator for pets with different diseases, but it does require me to a) buy some of their products (e.g. this Feline K stuff that contains all the vitamins he needs) and b) get approval from my vet.

So before I call my vet to request his approval, I wanted to see if other folks have had good experiences with BalanceIT-- OR if any of y'all have had success with your homemade kidney diet (and if you'd be willing to share!)

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