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"You're going outside? I wanna go outside! Take me outside, I wanna go!!"

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LOL - very cute pic!

Logan did that yesterday, I opened the door and he bolted then plopped and rolled around on the deck. He almost ended up coming for a car ride because I couldn't get the little fart back in the house :)

It's been so nice, I've had the windows open and now they all have spring fever and want to go out and play with the bugs and birds :)
LOL, I've seen that look at my house.
Hahaha! I wish I could open my windows for Apollo. He'd probably tear through the screen though. He has a habit of sitting on the microwave sitting right by the door, so when I leave or come inside, he's right there with his head out the window juuuuust like that in that picture. I have to push his face back inside so he doesn't get caught in the door haha.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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