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My kitten is now officially on Felidae. He LOVES it! He had been on Nutro Natural, but I wanted him on an even better one with none of that corn gluten meal stuff. I was going to put him on Natural Balance but you could only buy HUGE bags and I was worried he wouldn't like it. He LOVES Felidae and I have actually NOTICED a difference in him since he started eating it. His coat is SOOO nice, his eyes are shiney, he doens't get hardly any crusties in his eyes anymore (he used to after sleeping but now his eyes just look so clear and blue!), he is pooping less, HIS BOX HAS STOPPED SMELLING!!!!! That was a big one for me cause his box was bad! Even if I scooped it every day.

So anyway, I recommend this food to anyone. I have been led to believe it's one of the best dry foods on the this true? My kitten loves it anyway!
Thanks for all the advice. I'm sticking with this food. :D :D
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